• We offer Ready Mix Concrete and Screed Direct To Your Door Mixed Using A Volumetric Concrete Mixer. We Mix all Concrete On Site Giving You The Customer More Time To Lay The Concrete With No Mess And No Waste, Straight Pour or Straight Into Wheel Barrows Saving Time and Money.
  • All Concrete Is Mixed On Site With No Mess And No Wast We Bring 2 Wheel Barrows Thus Saving You Money.


  • IMG_1834Traditional drum mixers are loaded at concrete plants often miles away from its customers. As soon as the mix is batched it starts going off while the truck drives to site. Long distance, traffic delays and warm weather means the customers has very little time to place and level the concrete before it goes off.
  • Your measurements must be obsolutely exact if you are to avoid over or under ordering from a drum mixer. Once it is batched into the drum it is your whether there is enough or too much. If they have to take anything back you may well be charged extra!
  • We operate in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area and we have a fully qualified team of experts who can give you the best advice on what sand and cement mix you need for the job in hand, they will then mix it on the day right in front of you.
  • So whether you are building a conservatory, extending your home or you are a commercial building company, We Barrow Mix really are the best choice when it comes to concrete. We will be with you swiftly, delivering high class results at cost-effective prices. So give the expert team a call today for more information on how we can help you!